Korum Carp Fishing Kit | REVIEW


The Korum Carp Fishing Kit is ideal for beginners looking for a start up but also great for an avid fisherman looking to increase there ever growing collection. The kit retails for around £103.99 at Fishing Republic and comes with the following:

2.75lb Korum Carp Rod
Korum Free Runner Reel
Korum Reel Line
Korum Bite Alarm
Korum Bite Indicator
Ready-tied Carp Rigs
Feeders, Leads and End Tackle
Banksticks and Butt Rests


This kit is basically ready to go all you need to do is spool up your reel with the 12lb line that comes in the kit and buy the bait. Don’t forget you’ll also need to purchase a landing net and unhooking mat.


You get a beautifully designed 2.75lb Korum carp rod with matching Korum free runner reel that makes the rod look even more carpy. The rod and reel go well together although I do feel it’s a little on the heavy side compared to the more expensive rods and reels – Don’t Let that put you off as its really great quality for the price tag.

The rod is a great caster and plays the fish very well. The Korum reel has a smooth drag and bait runner perfect for the hard fighting carp or powerful heart racing runs.


The ready tied rigs that come with this kit are size 8 tied to braid, within the pack you get boilie stops and baiting needle. The ready tied rigs are reasonable quality they defiantly do the job but personally I would spend a few pounds and invest in some different ready tied rigs. The leads and feeders that are supplied with the kit are very good quality with 5oz weight they defiantly get the bait and rig out.

Now for the bank sticks, bite alarm and bite indicator (bobbin), the bank sticks are very solid and adjustable and comes with a butt rest to lock that rod into place after all we don’t want our new rod running off down the lake do we. The bite alarm is very basic with just a volume control button which also turns the alarm on and off and two led lights one for night fishing and the other for bite indication.

I found with this alarm it works fine while the weather is good and clear but the first sign of a little shower and the sound starts to distort. But for the price of the kit I still think that’s just a minor technicality as the sound soon returns when it’s dried out.


All in all a perfect kit and I’ve recently purchased another one of these kits to add to the first one I got. I originally purchased the kit due to losing all my much loved carp fishing collection and didn’t have a high budget.

This Korum kit is ideal for all waters from ponds to lakes and even the local canal where I spend a lot me of my time fishing.
The kit isn’t just for carp fishing ive had a mixed number of fishing on this rod from bream to tench and with a few extra bits of gear you could easily go for predator fish such as pike.


Have any of you got this Kit? What did you think to it?

Let me know in the comments!


Keep Carpy!

Jamie Fowler